I am a fourth year PhD student in the UCI department of Statistics supervised by Professor Pierre Baldi. My research focusses on machine learning, particle physics, and hyperparameter search. I received my Bachelor of Science in Physics from Queen Mary, University of London and a Master of Science in Statistics from Imperial College London. My PhD research focusses on machine learning to model particle physics. I am also actively developing SHERPA, a hyperparameter search Python library. I have done internships with Honda Research Institute and Apple. At Apple I worked on building a hyperparameter search system under the Platform Architecture Team. Resume.


Approximate Inference for Deep Latent Gaussian Mixtures
Convolutional Networks for Neu-trino Energy Reconstruction


I am currently the teaching assistant for STATS 7 (Introductory Statistics). Other classes that I have TA'ed before are STATS 240 (Multivariate Analysis - Master level) with Dr. Zhaoxia Yu and STATS 111/202 (Categorical Data Analysis - Master level) with Dr. Stacey Hancock. See below for materials.